Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekends Tough on the Diet

Saturday Can Be Toughest For Those Trying To Drop Pounds, Study Finds

“Anyone who has avoided Monday morning weigh-ins knows this unalterable truth: Weekends are not a dieter's friend. Now, researchers have some science to back up dieters' complaints about weekends being their undoing: Most people do eat more on the weekend, even when they're trying to lose weight. ‘Weekend indulgences can wreak havoc on weight control, either causing our weight to increase or if we are following a diet to lose weight, can hinder our weight loss efforts,’ said study author Susan Racette, an assistant professor at Washington University in St. Louis. The research was published online recently in the journal Obesity. Weekend indulgences help explain the slower-than-expected weight loss of many dieters, Racette said. ‘There is less structure on the weekend for a lot of people, and that can wreak havoc,’ she said. ‘A little indulgence turns into a big indulgence. Being vigilant on the weekends is really important for people either trying to lose weight or maintain a weight loss,’ she said.”

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