Monday, July 28, 2008

Programs Seek To Promote Weight-Loss Among Hispanics, Encourage Minority College Students To Attend Dental School, Addr. American Indian Health Disp.

“Integris Health: Nearly 350 Hispanic community members in Oklahoma City, Okla., recently completed a 12-week program sponsored by Integris that sought to promote weight loss and healthy lifestyles among the group, the Oklahoman reports. The first Hispanic Weight Loss Challenge -- called ‘Gane ... Perdiendo,’ or ‘Win ... Losing,’ --included weekend salsa dance lessons, healthy snack choices and free massages. One hundred participants recently gathered at a local church to celebrate the completion of the program. Of those, 88 weighed in at the event and had lost a total of 573 pounds (Jackson, Oklahoman, 7/20).”

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