Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mother Of All Exercise Routines

“Just a few years ago expectant mothers were told to lay off the treadmill. But health experts now believe that exercise during pregnancy is beneficial to the health of both mother and child. A moderate amount of exercise improves the mother's overall condition, strengthens the cardiovascular system and stimulates blood circulation. ‘If their gynecologist gives the green light, pregnant women should go ahead and participate in sports,’ says Christian Albring, president of the Munich-based Association of Gynaecologists (BVF). The appropriate amount of exercise depends upon the stage in the pregnancy, as well as the mother's prior level of physical activity. Endurance exercises, as opposed to high-impact competitive sports, are particularly beneficial during pregnancy. ‘Jogging, hiking, Nordic walking, cycling, dancing, and swimming in water with a temperature over 20 C are all well-suited to people who don't care for sports,’ Albring says. Working out in a pool is an especially attractive option. "Water is felt to be particularly pleasant because it buoys the body and takes weight off the joints," notes Marion Sulprizio, a sports psychologist at the German Sport University Cologne's Department of Health Research.”

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