Friday, September 5, 2008

Author Pens New Book to Educate Children on Good Health and Fitness Practices

“Healthy Jingles for Kids: Walking and Running by Vernon A. Quarstein, Ph.D., Joseph P. Bunn, M.D. and Polly A. Peterson, Ph.D., is the first in a series of eight books in which the authors hope to illustrate the importance of walking and running exercises when used as a basis for preventing or reversing obesity and for enhancing health and fitness throughout life. The authors wrote the Healthy Jingles for Kids series to guide parents on educating their children about wellness activities. The authors hope to inspire parents and children to take an interest in learning about how to stay in shape, eat the right foods, exercise, improve memory, control weight and escape life-long medical problems that stem from lack of fitness and too much junk food. In Healthy Jingles for Kids: Walking and Running, Quarstein uses jingles, accompanied by a note to parents, to identify principles of wellness activities and cartoon characters to depict the appropriate fitness concepts. Intending for the jingles and cartoons to simplify the fitness advice for easy retention by children, the authors also include notes to expand the advice for parental explanation. Quarstein suggests that lessons on wellness activities start near the beginning of a child’s life and that knowledge built at an early age is vital to a child’s welfare. Attempting to impress upon children the value of wellness activities, Healthy Jingles for Kids: Walking and Running was written to provide children with a foundation for a healthy future and help day-care givers, parents and teachers present wellness activities.”

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