Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Exercise Decreases Risk of Pregnancy-Related Depression

“Exercising and remaining upbeat about their changing shapes may reduce the risk of depression among pregnant women, say U.S. researchers who surveyed 230 women in Pennsylvania throughout their pregnancy and into the postpartum period. The women were asked about their exercise habits, feelings about weight, appearance and other body image aspects, and about symptoms of depression, United Press International reported. Women who did more exercise prior to pregnancy were more satisfied with their bodies during the second and third trimesters, and had fewer depressive symptoms in the second trimester than other women. ‘Our study supports the psychological benefits of exercise to improve body image and lessen depressive symptoms,’ lead researcher Danielle Downs, of Pennsylvania State University, said in a news release, UPI reported. The study appears in the August issue of the journal Annals of Behavioral Medicine.”


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