Thursday, September 11, 2008

Health Clubs For Rural Youth in Punjab Villages

“Several non-resident Indians, in cooperation with local residents are promoting health facilities in villages of Doaba region to motivate youth against drug addiction and encourage them to join health clubs and sport activities. The efforts are showing results, as several adolescents and the teenaged young men Bholath constituency can today be noticed visiting the newly built health clubs in their respective villages. These clubs are a fascination for the village youth, as they have been equipped with multi-purpose health machines. There are about 130 villages in the Bholath constituency and 125 villages have got their clubs registered with the Youth Services Department of the Government. About 100 of these villages are today well-equipped with the latest multi-purpose health machines and other required equipments. The objective is to motivate rural youth to take care of their health and stay away from drugs. Sukhpal Singh Khaira, Member of the Legislative Assembly, said: ‘Many people of my constituency are settled abroad. When they came to know about the health clubs they also wanted to participate. NRI interest in these activities is increasing. They feel happy to see the people of their village becoming healthy. I hope this programme will spread all over Punjab and India. This is a kind of youth mobilization promoting a positive approach towards life. This also helps them to stay away from social evils like drugs,’ he added. Youngsters are not required to pay any fees for membership. Each club has an instructor. For students, the opening of health clubs close to their homes has proved attractive. ‘Earlier, I had to go to another health club, situated nearly 10 kilometer from Ramgarh. But the new health club has cheered health enthusiasts like me,’ said Gurwinder Singh, one local youth.”

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