Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heavy Children May Have More Headaches

“Overweight children and teenagers may be at elevated risk of developing chronic headaches, a new study suggests. The good news, researchers found, is that weight loss may, in turn, cut headache frequency. The study, which included 913 children and teens with headache complaints, found that as the children's body mass index increased, so too did the frequency of their headaches. The reasons for the headache-weight link are not clear. It's possible, the researchers explain, that obesity does not cause headaches, but instead exacerbates them -- resulting in more frequent, more debilitating headaches. One theory is that inflammatory substances associated with obesity may worsen headaches. The findings, according to Hershey's team, suggest that doctors caring for children with headaches should pay some attention to their weight. Children who are overweight may need referrals for behavioral therapy to help them shed their excess pounds, the researchers suggest.”


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