Friday, September 19, 2008

More Kids Getting Kidney Stones

“When you think of kidney stones, kids don't usually pop to mind. But doctors say they're seeing increasing numbers of children with the painful condition, and it could represent more fallout from the obesity epidemic. While exact numbers of children with kidney stones are elusive, physicians at children's clinics say the numbers are up. ‘There is very little available on pediatric stone disease in particular," said Dr. Caleb Nelson, a urologist at Children's Hospital Boston. "Most data has looked at adults or the entire population.’ ‘Proposed reasons include sedentary lifestyle, obesity increase, processed high-salt diets,’ Nelson said. Some children get the stones, because birth defects in the urinary tract put them at risk for urinary obstruction. ‘Another subset of children is premature infants who form stones related to the medications they require,’ he said. There's not much that parents can specifically do to prevent kidney stones in their children, Nelson said. They can encourage their kids to follow an overall healthy lifestyle, which can help reduce the risk. ‘Eat a balanced diet,’ he said. ‘Drink lots of non-caffeinated liquids. Get exercise.’”

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