Thursday, September 25, 2008

Digital Boot Camp Training System Allows Fitness Professionals to Make More, Work Less, and Help More

“Workout Muse Pro harnesses the science of interval training and the power of sound with custom audio interval training mp3 soundtracks. The audio instructions announce when to start, when to stop, and provides countdowns and updates to completely automate large group exercise classes. In addition, the fast-paced music brings fun and motivation to each workout. Now trainers can focus on helping an unlimited number of clients per session without being a prisoner to their stopwatch. Trainers and coaches who are on the cutting edge of the latest fat loss research know that high-intensity interval training burns nine times more fat than the long, slow, steady-state aerobic alternative. The one hindrance to training groups in this time-based manner is that the trainer has to focus on visually monitoring the intervals with his or her watch instead of focusing on motivating and supervising his or her clients. BJ Gaddour, Co-Creator and Fitness Director of Workout Muse, explains how he came up with the concept for this product, ‘My clients love the fast-paced, high-intensity nature of the interval training workouts at our boot camps. However, what they didn't like was the fact that when I was helping a client with form and technique during a session, that I took my eye off the watch and would lose track of the proper timing of the workout. With the ever-increasing number of people coming to my boot camps as we have grown in popularity, it became even more difficult to smoothly conduct our workouts.’ Gaddour found the solution he was looking for in Workout Muse Co-Creator and Head Sound Designer Topher Farrell. Gaddour simply wrote out the detailed audio scripts of his workout templates and handed them to Farrell to then produce companion audio interval training mp3 soundtracks complete with original music compositions and rhythmic audio arrangements. The result has been a completely digitized boot camp training system for all fitness professionals to benefit from.”

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