Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Exercise, Nutritional Supplements May Help Older Adults Maintain Active Lifestyle

“A combination of nutritional supplements and moderate exercise may help older adults maintain an active lifestyle, according to a British study of 60 healthy, independent-living volunteers, age 65 and older. The 12-week study found that taking carbohydrate and protein supplements just before and after low-resistance exercise could increase muscle performance and slow muscle wastage, United Press International reported. ‘Though we still need to assess precisely what level of exercise gives the best results, we believe we've shown that regular low-resistance exercise complemented by the right nutritional supplements could boost the well-being of the aging population’, study leader Dr. Gladys Pearson, of Manchester Metropolitan University, said in a news release. The study was presented at the BA Festival of Science in Liverpool, England.”

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viktor_n_83 said...

Older people should definately use some kind of protein supplement. Otherwise it is hard to maintain the increase in protein demands associated with older people.