Monday, April 13, 2009

Disabled Facilities to be improved at Cheltenham Gym

“Disabled fitness fanatics are being urged to use new equipment at a Cheltenham gym. Fitness First in the town's Brewery complex is expanding its range so that disabled users, partially- sighted people and those with learning difficulties have better access. Fitness manager Dan Fivey says he has been striving to make the improvements for some time. He said: ‘It's all about making sure there are no exclusions to what we offer, so I'm really excited to be making the changes.’ The gym is one of only 24 Fitness First branches in the country to expand its operations for disabled customers. Dan said: ‘We already have some equipment that's available to disabled users but this means we'll have a great deal more, including bikes, power plates and brightly coloured handles for those with partial sight.’ ‘We already have lifts to get to the gym and down to the pool. We also provide stroke rehabilitation and deal with GP and physiotherapist referrals. This is like an expansion of what we're already striving to provide. ‘What's great is that now all our staff are to receive additional training to make sure they know how to deal with all disabilities and how to get the best for individuals in this environment.’ ‘I'm excited about being able to provide sport and fitness that's so inclusive. We're lucky to be one of only two dozen Fitness Firsts throughout the country to do this.’ John Gamble, Fitness First managing director added: ‘It's a landmark step forward for the fitness industry and we are proud to be the first major health club group to offer this.’ Cheltenham borough councillor Barbara Driver, (C, Lansdown) is a champion for disabled rights in the town. She said: ‘This is fantastic news for Cheltenham if it's going to look after all those with disability needs, from the disabled to the partially-sighted.’ ‘It's good to know that it is going to be available and I'd like to see more of this being done.’”

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