Monday, April 13, 2009

Fitness Tips For Baby Boomers

"One particular group that has increasingly emphasized this commitment to physical fitness is Baby Boomers. As advancements in medicine have helped to increase life expectancy and quality of life, many Boomers have simultaneously grown more health-conscious in an effort to make their approaching golden years more enjoyable and healthy. However, Boomers would be wise to consider the following fitness tips to ensure they get the most out of their exercise regimens. Work with your physician: Even if you feel great, it's wise to work with your physician when starting or altering an existing exercise regimen. Discuss how you feel after a workout, including any aches and pains that might result. In addition, write down exactly what your regimen is and share this with your physician. That way, if you do have any aches and pains, the doctor can most likely get at the root of those problems and help you alter your program to eliminate or minimize these negative side effects. Another valuable result of sharing your routine with your physician is that a doctor familiar with your medical history can help ensure you're choosing routines that aren't going to inflame any preexisting conditions. Get an exercise buddy: Whether it's with a friend or spouse, exercising with a buddy is a great way to ensure you'll stick to your program. Exercising alone can become very boring, leading to a lower level of commitment than many people aspire to at the onset. For retired Boomers, an exercise buddy can also be a great means to socializing. Many retirees can begin to feel isolated at the onset of retirement, as they no longer go to the office pilates that are open to members. Many times, classes are age-specific, meaning they're tailored to certain age groups. For Baby Boomers, these classes are ideal, as they're not going to push you to your limits but still provide valuable exercise. Also, these classes can be a great way to meet people. An exercise buddy can encourage socializing, which in turn can improve overall quality of life. Don't be afraid to sweat: Boomers should still aspire to sweat a little during their workouts. While maxing out on the bench press should no longer be a goal, Baby Boomers should keep in mind that a moderate workout where they sweat a little is beneficial. However, if an exercise regimen routinely leaves you with shortness of breath or a noticeably elevated heartbeat, consult your physician and be prepared to scale back your workout. Make it fun: Exercise regimens that are dull are far less likely to be adhered to than workouts that you enjoy.”

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