Monday, April 20, 2009

She Hates Working Out But After Three Children, Victoria Beckham is Hitting The Gym

“She is famed for keeping her whippet-thin body in shape by nibbling on edamame beans washed down with spinach shakes. But now Victoria Beckham – who once proclaimed that she ‘hates working out’ – has signed up for a programme of exercise classes in the hope they will boost her pelvic muscles. Posh has joined Hollywood’s ultra-exclusive The Sports Club LA, a private members’ gym that costs £1,500 a year – plus a £250 monthly fee. An insider at the gym told The Mail on Sunday that the mother of three, who turned 35 on Friday, has enrolled in private Pilates classes, which promise to strengthen and tone core stomach and back muscles – and boost pelvic strength. The source said: ‘Victoria has signed up for private Pilates classes. She comes into the gym at least three times a week and her husband David joins her for Pilates when he’s in town. ‘Pilates is specifically aimed at building up the core muscles and is particularly good for women who want to strengthen their body. ‘It is excellent for toning up muscles in the stomach area that have been weakened by childbirth. It is also superb for toning the pelvic muscles. ‘Stretching and thrusting those pelvic muscles is absolutely key to this form of exercise. Victoria and David joined the gym together. 'They signed up for private Pilates classes and the trainer outlined the types of stretches. They were both in a fit of giggles about the pelvic muscle exercises. ‘David was teasing Victoria about it and she was joking about how firm she was going to be in places she didn’t even know she had muscles.’ Pencil-thin Victoria was teased two years ago after she wore platform-heeled trainers to throw the first pitch at a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game. At the time she swore she would not embrace the Hollywood gym culture, saying: ‘I really don’t like the gym. In fact, I can’t stand it. I hate working out. Maybe it’s the whole getting sweaty thing but it’s just not me.’ Stars including Justin Timberlake, Jessica Alba, Jake Gyllenhaal, Katie Holmes, Britney Spears and golfer Tiger Woods attend the gym, which is in the heart of Beverly Hills and less than a five-minute drive from the Beckhams’ £18million home. It is so upmarket that clients are offered an overnight laundry service to clean and press their sweaty gym gear. The source added: ‘Victoria is actually in great shape these days. She is slim but has muscles in the right places. You see her doing cardio on the treadmill and other machines to warm up for her Pilates classes.’”

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