Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Urban Active Launches Urban Strolling for Mommies and Their Babies Starting Thursday, April 30th 2009 Thru June 4th 2009

"All Moms will be working out while pushing their babies in strollers. Urban Strolling is a fun one hour all around fitness class using strollers, brisk walking, light jogging, with stops along the way to do full body exercises like lunges, push ups, sits ups, biceps curls, etc…to burn calories and tone up to help assist Mommies in getting back to their “Pre-Baby” bodies and or overall well being. This is an excellent opportunity for Mothers to get a great workout while bonding with their babies and making new friends outdoors in a park surrounding. Babies are entertained by songs, nursery rhymes, and the visual stimulation of watching Mommies having fun."

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