Friday, April 10, 2009

Time Out For Wellness: High-End Spa, High-Tech Gym Getaways From City Life

“With ‘wellness’ as their buzzword, more and more lifestyle businesses are focusing on easing the tensions of modern living by preventing ailments before it becomes necessary to cure them. Two such establishments are the Peninsula Spa at the Peninsula Tokyo hotel and Shinwa Medical Fitness and Spa in Chiba Prefecture. In Yachiyo, Chiba Prefecture, Shinwa Medical Fitness and Spa is proud of its location on the top floor of the three-story Medical Clinic Yachiyo. ‘People use the first and second floors once they become sick, while the third floor is for people who want to prevent themselves becoming sick,’ manager Daisuke Sato explained. Shinwa takes the idea of ‘wellness’ very seriously and has adopted the ‘Wellness System’ pioneered by Italian exercise equipment manufacturer Technogym. The exercise equipment is very sleek--and bilingual--with outlets for people to attach their iPods while they go through their paces. Meanwhile, in another room, members can tackle a variety of exercises along the same lines as the circuit training I used to do at school. Technogym's innovative equipment and stylish designs have proved very popular in Europe, with soccer teams, such as Liverpool, A.C. Milan and Real Madrid, using the equipment in training. Another keen user is Madonna, who went as far as buying one of the company's ‘Wave’ machines to use at home. After the gym, members can enjoy the comfort zone of the Shinwa Spa, where there are wet and dry saunas, as well as massage treatments. Also, the center offers members a comprehensive health check, with suggested supplements and nutrients and fitness programs to help them improve their health. At close to 30,000 yen a month, Shinwa may be too great a luxury for most people, but the peaceful surroundings provide a pleasant backdrop while you use the facility. And if it helps its members avoid too many trips to the building's first and second floors, that can't be a bad thing.”

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