Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Equinox Offers New Yoga Style Classes

“Equinox Fitness clubs now offer some new style yoga classes that feature a mind consciousness like never before. With four locations in the city, their are times and classes to fit into even the busiest person's schedule. I checked out a few of their newest classes: Budokon -"Take your yoga practice to the next level with this playful and challenging blend of Martial Arts and Yoga. Fusing vinyasa flow elements with punching, kicking and Brazilian Jujitsu will give you the sweat of a life-time.’ says Equinox class description. I found it challenging, fun and bit crazy at times with the names of the movements like ‘gorilla’ and ‘grasshopper’. The instructor is excellent and one of the two in the city that teach it. Check out www.cltv.com/livinghealthychicago to see a video of the class featured on the show. Circular Strength- ‘A revolutionary method for ‘health-first’ fitness. Ancient practices informed by modern science for joint mobility, circular patterns of Clubbell weighted strength training and transformational Prasara yoga and flexibility sequences’ says Equinox class description. I find it reminiscent of the 4 pound short body bars in the early nineties, and love the feel of fluid movements and opposition momentum to define new strength patterns. A Thumbs up for a change of pace with light weights. Power Nap – ‘Renew yourself with a mid-day movement enhanced snooze. A variety of movement arts, yoga, & restorative stretch are combined with breath work & meditative music to lure your body into a sweet, concentrated state of relaxation. Wake up re-charged & ready for your day’ from the class description. An eased into feeling of yoga with a long, gentle meditation nap at the end. Something for the ADHD in me that may help me focus for the day.”


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