Wednesday, September 23, 2009

15 Big Losers Gain Support Brentwood Health Club

“The Biggest Loser uses a little bit of peer pressure to encourage contestants to take off the weight and win prizes. Taking a cue from the hit reality television show, 15 ladies at the Athena Health Club and Day Spa are competing in their own "loser" style challenge in a 6-week program designed around fitness and nutrition. It worked for Yolonda Brooks Robinson, who dropped 22 pounds in the last cycle — the first time the program was instituted — winning her the top award in the weight-loss contest. But she's back again for round two because she says she still has a little way to go to reach her goal weight. ‘It's no surgery and no cheating. Instead it holds you to a personal level where you are responsible for your overall health,’ she said. Athena members in the program work out with exercise machines such as elliptical trainers, treadmills, weight machines and the like. They also participate in daily group fitness activities including Aqua Fit, kick boxing, indoor cycling, yoga, Pilates and the hot new fitness craze known as Zumba, a mixture of aerobics and dance. During this time, contestants also have one-on-one meetings with a registered nutritionist.”

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