Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Power Plate International Ltd Certified as Medical Device Manufacturer

“Power Plate International Limited, the leader in Acceleration Training(TM) exercise equipment, today received certification as a Medical Device Manufacturer within the European Economic Area (EEA). Going forward, new Power Plate(R) machines will carry the CE mark, showing they meet all essential European health and safety requirements. The classification as a Medical Device also opens access for medical professionals to prescribe exercise on a Power Plate(R) machine as an additional treatment option for wide range of patient groups. ‘We are delighted to have achieved certification as a Medical Device Manufacturer. The certification process included a review of the efficacy and safety of the Power Plate(R) machine for use as part of a treatment regime to improve or alleviate various conditions. This means healthcare professionals can potentially prescribe exercise on a Power Plate(R) machine as part of a wider treatment program to assist with the following conditions:

- Fall prevention

- Improving muscular strength and power

- Alleviating chronic pain

- Reducing the appearance of cellulite

- Aiding weight loss

- Increasing bone density and preventing bone mineral density loss

related to ageing

- Improving circulation and cardiovascular function

- Improving flexibility and range of motion

- Improving general wellbeing, fitness and daily life functioning in patient populations

‘We are looking forward to educating medical and healthcare professionals about the potential of exercise on Power Plate(R) machine to improve quality of life for a diverse range of people,’ says Mr Minter.”

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