Friday, September 25, 2009

Paul Pierce's Campaign Fights Childhood Obesity

“Paul Pierce has launched a campaign to fight childhood obesity. The Boston Celtics star created ‘The Truth on Health Campaign’ as part of his charitable foundation. It includes a Web-based club that encourages kids aged 10-14 to make a one-year pledge to eat healthy and participate in an hour of physical activity each day. Pierce announced his plans at the Clinton Global Initiative this week. The Web site will include monthly challenges, healthy recipes and rewards programs. Pierce says he wishes he had known more about proper nutrition growing up. He has seen from his nephews how children are less active than when he was a youth.”

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Cascia said...

People can take action to combat childhood obesity. The problem will not be resolved unless parents get involved. Parents need to take responsibility and teach their children about nutrition, exercise and how to eat right. They can also lead by example by taking charge of their own health.

Thank you for sharing information about this important issue.