Thursday, September 10, 2009

Corporate Wellness Has Its Own Rewards

“When it comes to workforce wellness, some companies are involved. Others are committed. Most corporate leaders intuitively know that a healthy, physically fit workforce is a strategic asset that not only results in more efficiency and effectiveness on the job, but reduces medical expenses in the long run. BizTimes Milwaukee recently honored three companies for excellence in corporate wellness.
Menasha-based Faith Technologies Inc.:
• This year, the company began offering health club and recreational sport team reimbursements, as well as money back for participation in activities such as charitable walks and runs.
MSI General:
• MSI created a fitness room with donated equipment.
• Employees are encouraged to exercise during the workday and accrue points for a weight loss challenge when they do so.
• Johnsonville built a health and wellness center for its employees. The center is located within an existing Aurora Health Care clinic, just minutes from the company's main campus. The clinic provides free preventative health screenings, medical attention, prescription medications, lab and diagnostic services, physical and occupational therapy and wellness advice.
• The company offers its employees and their spouses access to a free, 24-hour fitness center, with state-of-the-art equipment, on site. The company also has created a fitness equipment purchase program for members to buy equipment via an interest-free loan from the company.

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