Thursday, September 17, 2009

Raintree Athletic Club's Yoga Center -Yoga for People Living with Cancer

"Faith Brandt, Director of the Yoga Center at the Raintree Athletic Club has announced that a new class will be offered this October for the community, Yoga for People Living with Cancer. Ms Brandt joined Yoga Center in 2000 and is an active certified yoga instructor. 'I want to provide a place for people living with cancer to have the opportunity to learn how to center themselves through adaptive yoga. It is a practice in nurturing and grounding oneself', stated Ms. Brandt. Recently, Ms. Brandt observed the community's need for a yoga class that would assist those who are living with cancer. She found a common experience among people who were diagnosed with cancer and in their subsequent surgeries and therapies. 'I imagine people diagnosed with cancer might feel scared, upset, exhausted and ungrounded' stated Ms. Brandt. She established that an adaptive form of yoga can assist such individuals to find solace, in connecting with their breath and body which allows them to bring calm and quiet to their mind. Adaptive yoga enables students to feel more comfortable in their bodies and can encourage the student to discover a deeper connection to the peace within themselves. Each Yoga for People Living with Cancer class will be adapted to support individual physical needs and will focus on the strengths of each person. Students will need to be dressed in comfortable layered clothes and need to bring a water bottle and towel. It is recommended that students bring their own yoga mat due to lowered immunities from Chemotherapy, although community mats are available. Classes will begin Wednesday October 7th at 1:30pm 2:45pm at the Raintree Athletic Club Yoga Center and will meet the same time each Wednesday thereafter. Martin Johns the General Manager of the Raintree Athletic Club stated, 'We wish to be the leader in community based wellness programs, and to attract the non-traditional health club member by offering a comfortable and health oriented facility.'"

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