Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Exercise Classes At The Gym Bring Out Our Wild Side

“As most of us will admit, we’ve become a nation huffing and puffing toward our next super-size meal. Each January, hordes of us try to combat the trend by joining a gym. By now, many are bored and ready to quit. Well, here’s a little secret: The gym can be a wildly exciting place. Follow me. There I was, faithfully plugging away on an exercise machine, watching a sea of others in front of me doing the same. Up, down, around and around, going nowhere except OUT OF MY MIND. The bobbing bodies were a blur of gray T-shirts, gray sweatpants, gray hair. The machines were gray, the ceiling was gray, the sky outside the windows was gray. At times like this, it’s easy for dark thoughts to creep in, making you question the point of it all. I know, I know. The point is to tone up, trim down and stay alive, but that wasn’t cutting it for me, and I was about to give up and head over to Starbucks. Better to die with a muffin in my mouth than to be alive and tethered to an exercise machine. Then a little voice in my head said, ‘Why not try Zumba?’ For those of you who are hopelessly out of it, Zumba is an ex...

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