Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fitness as a Full-Time Pursuit [video]

“In April 2003, corporal Hector Delgado lay in an induced coma on a Navy ship in the Persian Gulf. His pelvis had been crushed into six pieces and his legs and nerves were mangled after a fuel tank fell on him while he was with the Marines in Iraq. Being in a wheelchair doesn't stop U.S. Marine and Iraqi veteran Hector Delgado from keeping fit. He does CrossFit, a highly intense exercise program that combines Olympic lifts, body weight exercises, kettle ball exercises, and much more. The accident kept him in a hospital for a year. His right foot was paralyzed and his left foot was partially damaged. Mr. Delgado, who often has to use a wheelchair, fell into what he calls a three-year ‘funk.’ His weight ballooned ...


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