Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fitness Franchise, Pure Barre, Sweeping the Nation!

“’Pure Barre’ is becoming a new buzz-word in several cities across the country, and now Chattanooga joins the craze. A Pure Barre studio will be opening in Chattanooga mid-August, but what has everyone so excited that enables this company to thrive in a down economy? This 55 minute class uses a ballet barre as well as light hand weights, a small ball, and resistance band to “lift, tone, and burn” trouble areas like the hips, seats, abs and arms. Each class is choreographed to upbeat music. Also, a stretching portion, to keep muscle groups long and lean, follows each strength segment. The total body workout results in a “dancer-like” body. Carrie Rezabek, founder of Pure Barre, created the technique in 2001. She opened her first studio in Michigan in the basement of an office building. The business began to expand in 2006, and now Pure Barre studios are found all across the country. Of the 30+ studios nationwide, 21 of them have opened since January 1, 2010.

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