Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gold's Gym Declares June National Cheat Food Awareness Month

“Gold's Gym, the world's leading authority on health and fitness, has officially announced today that it's OK to cheat on your diet. That's right. Gold's Gym is encouraging people to indulge in a slice of pizza, enjoy that cheeseburger they've been dreaming about or even dive into a tub of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. In fact, the success of their diet might even depend on it. To help salvage the more than 90 percent of diets that fail every year, Gold's Gym is transforming June into National Cheat Food Awareness Month. The month long initiative will focus on showing consumers how ‘cheating responsibly’ can actually help them stay motivated and stick to their diets. It will also show consumers how to do it without ruining their workout routine or crashing their diet completely. ‘Diets often fail because people feel like they're punishing themselves,’ said Belisa Vranich, a psychologist with the Gold's Gym Fitness Institute. ‘A diet with severe limitations leaves you feeling frustrated and wanting the diet to end – this is when most people cave. Cheating responsibly is a great way to control a diet, rather than feeling like an awful punishment has been imposed on you. By periodically rewarding yourself, foods you often crave become less desirable, allowing you to become more confident in your dietary decisions and feeling good about your relationship with all types of food.’ While "cheating" has always been a word associated with negative connotations, cheating responsibly on a diet can help consumers maintain a positive, healthy lifestyle and can even result in long-term positive results...

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