Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ontario Socialite Enjoys UFC So Much, She Opened A Gym

“Rachelle Bronfman swears she can't be having a mid-life crisis. Even after doing a few quick calculations and realizing, with a gasp, that she is indeed 49 years old and in prime mid-life crisis territory she dismisses the theory as an utter impossibility. Ms. Bronfman, see, is married to a Bronfman, of Seagram's fame and unfathomable fortune. On her right wrist, there is a thick diamond bracelet. On her wedding finger, a chunky diamond ring. And on her head is a black hat -- with the letters UFC -- that complicates the portrait of the polite society lady. UFC is better known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, a blood and gore mixed-martial arts fighting franchise that is decidedly unladylike and outlawed in Ontario. ‘I guess I have a bit of a split-personality problem,’ Ms. Bronfman says with a laugh. She didn't always. But after years of joining gyms, and never going, Ms. Bronfman enlisted Erez Cohen to be her personal trainer...

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