Monday, June 14, 2010

Get Healthy Or Get Out, Boss Told Employees

“Howard Weyers believes that the bottom line for health care costs depends on what's happening with the waist lines of employees. Or the lungs, or any other organ that could fail due to misuse or neglect and cost an employer money. And he believes those employers should be encouraging workers to live healthier lifestyles and aggressively monitoring what they do inside - and outside - of the workplace. The company helped pay for health club memberships and to support such activities as biking and hiking - anything that could improve the well-being of workers. Again, the company kept tabs on the results. Weyers is a trim man of 76 who said he eats healthy and works out five or six times a week. He was a runner for 40 years before knee problems slowed him down. He said the third hurdle to staying healthy is not following a doctor's orders. He had an employee who was diabetic but neglected to take the steps...

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