Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Lady Holds Live Chat on Childhood Obesity

“Obama also advised parents to frame exercise in a fun way to help encourage children to get off the couch. ‘I think we should talk about physical activities as play, which is actually what it is,’ she said. ‘I think our goal is to make sure that we're not treating this like a task or a penalty. That's the trick with kids, getting them to do things that are good for them without them realizing it.’ The first lady also spoke last night at the NAACP National Convention, where she also highlighted the perils of obesity, especially among African American families. ‘Surely the men and women of the NAACP haven't spent a century organizing and advocating and working day and night only to raise the first generation in history that might be on track to live shorter lives than their parents,’ she said.”

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