Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Workout Programs Show That Pools Can Attract Exercisers Of All Ages [photos]

‘Water is magic,’ says Laura Ribbins, who's one of the world's leading authorities on aquatic exercise -- perhaps because she's based in the Cayman Islands, where water workouts are possible year-round. I ran into her at the DCAC fitness convention in Alexandria last month, where she was presenting sessions on how to lure baby boomers to water classes with super-athletic moves. As great as water is for older bodies, she recommends it for ‘anyone who's into fitness.’ Unfortunately, the quality of aqua instruction has generally lagged behind that of other classes, which has contributed to the misconception that you can't get a good workout in the water. And the tendency of water workouts to turn into senior citizens' social hour hasn't helped their reputation, either. That's why Teri Bothwell, director of group exercise for Washington area gym chain Sport & Health, has a new mission for its pool programming: "Get it...

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