Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Smaller Fitness Clubs Play To A Single Strength, From Rowing To Yoga [Video]

“Tired of feeling like a ‘hamster’ at a full-service health club, André Foisy dropped his membership and joined a gym with one main attraction: rowing classes six days per week. At Rowfit, a new West Town indoor rowing studio, he pays $99 a month for unlimited classes, up from just over $40 a month for his discounted membership at the Hilton Chicago gym. His new workouts are ‘incredibly intense,’ says Mr. Foisy, 31, an adjunct professor and administrator at Columbia College, ‘but there's also a great community aspect where everyone knows one another and roots for everyone else.’ It's a welcome change from traditional gyms, where, he says, people either ‘exist in their own isolated bubble’ or compete too much. Rowfit, which also offers classes in yoga and boxing, is one of a crop of boutique gyms to spring up around the city...

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