Tuesday, December 9, 2008

4 Ways To Find The Ideal Fitness Facility

“As the New Year approaches, some of us will be looking for a fitness center to stay in shape over winter. With so many options, finding the ideal one should be easy, but it may take some time. There's a lot to consider. ‘While proximity is an important determinant in selecting a workout facility, do not overlook the importance of a clean and safe environment operated by a well-trained and responsive staff,’ said Kathie Davis, executive director of IDEA Health & Fitness Association, a worldwide group of fitness and wellness professionals. The association stresses 22 points that are important when choosing a fitness center. You can find them at www.ideafit.com/fitness -library/how-to-choose-a-health-club. Here are some of them: 1. Check out the space: Does the facility have adequate room for the number of members? Check out how crowded it is during peak times -- before work, during lunch and after work -- if you plan on exercising then. 2. Research staff availability and qualifications: Is the staff composed of qualified, industry-certified fitness instructors? They should have an exercise certification that's accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. Make sure enough staff is available to help you if you have questions about equipment or workouts. 3. Try out equipment: Is all the equipment properly cleaned and maintained? Will you be allowed to try out the facility before committing to a membership? Are there signs near equipment to explain how to use it? Ask if you can obtain a free day pass to see if you feel comfortable there. 4. Inquire about variety of programs: Does the center offer a variety of interesting programs to keep you inspired to return? Are the classes scheduled at convenient times? How large are most classes?”


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