Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lifestyle Changes, Commitment Can Turn Fitness Resolutions Into Reality

“For many, making a resolution to improve diet, increase exercise and lose weight is as common as popping champagne corks at midnight of a new year. Unfortunately, these resolutions usually fizzle a short time later. It’s a trend Jim Gregoire, manager at Trapper Health Club and a professor of sports medicine and weight and personal training at Colorado Northwestern Community College, frequently has seen. ‘We’re already getting calls for weight loss,’ said Gregoire, of the 20-some calls the Health Club has received this month from nonmembers considering a membership. ‘The pre-resolution period has started.’ ‘Right now, this time of year, it’s all about looks.’ A question that many people new to clubs have is whether trainers such as Gregoire can ‘promise we can make them lose weight and look better,’ he said. ‘Of course, no trainer would make that promise,’ Gregoire said. ‘What I can tell them is if they are committed … there will be changes.’ Take Off Pounds Sensibly, or TOPS Club, is the nation’s oldest, nonprofit weight-loss education and support group. Just before New Year’s, TOPS released a tips sheet for people seeking to improve their health in 2009. The TOPS philosophy is basic. It combines healthy eating, regular exercise, wellness education and support from others. The TOPS list includes sensible tips such as setting a list of health goals, scheduling regular exercise and avoiding typical pitfalls such as procrastination. Without lifestyle changes, commitment and effort, Gregoire said many people’s good health intentions at the beginning of the year fade within a few months.”

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