Friday, December 5, 2008

Recession's Top Winners, Losers

The Lowdown On Which Sectors Will Prosper In 2009—And Which Will Suffer

"As the U.S. economy spirals deeper into an abyss, researcher Ibis World has identified a handful of industries it believes will actually grow in 2009—as well as sectors it thinks will suffer in the months ahead (not included are the obvious candidates for ‘worst year ever’: financial services companies and automakers). ‘The current economic downturn is indeed pervasive in terms of both geographic spread, industries affected and even consumer segments,’ said Ibis senior analyst George Van Horn. ‘As such, in some cases, being a winner may simply mean that revenue growth expectations have been lowered, yet still remain positive.’ 5. Health and fitness clubs - With more people focusing on achieving healthier lifestyles, this industry is expected to increase 2.2% in 2009. As baby boomers pass through their 40s and 50s, health-care costs are forecast to rise dramatically, creating an incentive for insurers to promote preventive practices, like hitting the gym. Corporate fitness programs are also expected to become more popular, further driving growth in the sector, Ibis says.”

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