Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goal for 2009: A Healthier and Wealthier New Year

“A year of the wimpy stock market is making many take their new year's resolutions to a whole new level. Some Dothan health club workers say they are seeing an increase in new members, looking to save money by relieving stress and cutting medical bills. ‘A lot of people these days take their health more seriously than before because they're saving money on their health care costs. Doctors have always recommended that people exercise and eat healthy. They're taking particular interest in doctor's advice now, in that they're watching their pennies even closer,’ says Jeff Hughey, Manager at Gold's Gym in Dothan. ‘I had some health problems, getting short of breath. I was basically just getting too fat,’ says Lee Lowlavar. Lee Lowlavar is new to Dothan’s Gold's Gym. Already, he says he's lost 12 pounds. ‘I'm enjoying what I got, but my goal is to loose 20 more pounds.’ But Lowlavar's not the only one looking to buff up in the new year. ‘It keeps me in shape, keeps me out of trouble’ says John Janssen, weight training. ‘Some people are interested in relieving stress... some people are interested in giving up smoking. Other people are interested, of course, in loosing weight and just feeling better,’ says Hughey. Trainers say they hope to not only cut into the nation's obesity rate in 2009, but also cut the amount of smokers and retain people on a better life plan. ‘Once people start exercising, from day one they feel better and they start loosing weight and relieving stress. They're hooked on it. They really love it,’ says Hughey. For people like Lee Lowlavar, many will really love getting into, perhaps, the best shape of their lives. Many gyms are also offering deep discounts, no contracts and free training to bring in new customers. Gold's Gym has plans starting under $15. Michelle's Gym is offering three months for less than $100.”


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