Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gym Memberships Still Selling Despite Economy

“The economy is causing many people to come to a standstill on spending especially for things that aren't an absolute necessity. But others aren't letting this dismal economic forecast hurt their health. They're still buying gym memberships and lacing up their tennis shoes to go work out. Some gym go-ers say no matter what the economy does they'll still be at the gym. Not only do they say it's a place to stay healthy but a place they can go to when the rest of the world starts to crumble. For many, it's an escape from the gloomy realities around them. ‘It just gives you a peace of mind to come out here and get the frustration out to keep you sane a little bit’ said Justin Christensen, while working out at World Gym. ‘It just makes me feel good about me, my investment in me. How I feel and how I look,’ said Cheryl Colvin, while working out at World Gym. The going rate for a membership is between $40 and $60 a month and it's causing some to cut costs where they can to spend that cash to burn calories. ‘I mean for crying out loud. One dinner out, one movie theater and popcorn anymore and you can almost take a look at any health club membership,’ said Steve Vucovich, Apple Athletic Club General Manager. Apple Athletic Club says memberships are up about 20% from one year ago. Anytime Fitness in Ammon says so far, they've sold just about the same number as last December. But for the YMCA as well as World Gym, they say their numbers have gone down. ‘In times like these I think it's good to just get away, gives you time to get away from the stress,’ explained Christensen. Going to the gym and owning a membership is going to cost you. But they say even when times are tough, there are some things people can't live without. ‘Healthcare is one of the things they won't give up: their exercise. Just like the ladies will not give up their hair stylists in times like this, they won't give up their gyms,’ said Greg Rasmussen, owner of Anytime Fitness Owner. An early investment for a lifetime of good health. If you're thinking about a gym membership many facilities offer scholarships and payment options. They say they're just trying to make staying healthy affordable.”