Monday, December 8, 2008

Gyms Feeling Weight of Economy?

“The recession is straining the budgets of nearly every business, but local fitness experts say they haven't maxed out yet. ‘Typically the health club industry does well in the down economy because people aren't spending larger purchases like Christmas gifts or traveling so they have money to invest in something like health and wellness,’ said Pivotal Fitness General Manager Mike Tew. Mark Schiavoni says like many American’s his financial muscles have been strained by the economy, but he says he plans to renew his membership rather than save that money. ‘Without your health with staying in shape and prolonging your life and you’re energy everything is secondary and trivial really,’ he said. ‘It feels so good to get in here people just have all the energy and frustration and they can come in here and take it out on weights or treadmills,’ Schiavoni added.”

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