Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Parents Dictate Their Children's Future

“Statistics show us parents are failing at encouraging their children to have healthy lifestyles. Studies have shown that it is the responsibility of parents to provide guidance and inspiration for their children to pursue healthy and active lives. It is the environment that children live in at home that will ultimately determine their pattern of eating, activity levels and attitude towards pursuing a healthy life. We can remove all the dessert bars, soda and junk food machines from the schools and children will still continue to eat improperly. Parents or guardians must take responsibility and maintain a healthy example for their children to establish a healthy physical, psychological and emotional lifestyle. Poor nutrition and a lack of daily exercise have been the leading causes of the rise in health problems and the decrease in academic achievement amongst children. In addition, children will develop emotional and psychological problems that will manifest throughout the rest of their lives. It's a common understanding that you cannot put a price on one's health, but when bad habits begin to lower the quality of life and you can quantify the result in lower income and increased medical costs, it becomes very real. Thus, demanding the need to find a solution. Kids are more physically active when their parent encourages and supports that interest. Such support boosts children's positive attitude toward exercise as well as their interest in organized sports. And when you participate in free-time physical activity with your daughter or son, you increase her or his enjoyment of unstructured fitness fun. You don't have to excel at any sport to accomplish the necessary changes to improve your children's health. Try these ideas for playing and being active together: If you belong to a health club or gym, find out if your adolescent or teenager is eligible to join. Then you can exercise side-by-side on various types of equipment. Be sure to have a trainer show your child how to use the machines and set up an appropriate workout program for him or her.”


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