Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gym Offers Affordable Fitness For Mom And Kids

“Tough economic times, you might think the gym budget would be the first thing to go. But a Massachusetts company is proving there's money to be made in fitness for moms, and their young kids. These little ones are having a ball at the wiggles and giggles class, for six to twelve-month-old's. It is one of many offered at Mamas Move in Norwell, Massachusetts, a place that markets itself as the South Shore's ultimate destination for moms and kids. Owner Julie Hendry: ‘We offer everything for mom from pregnancy through their child going to preschool. So everything from pre and post natal fitness, to regular fitness classes, training, personal training nutrition, lactation, child birth education classes, for their children, birth classes.’ Owners Lauren Hendry and Julie Ross took a chance and opened Mamas Move early last year. They were so successful, that they expanded within months. ‘We opened a year ago February with 2500 sq. ft. upstairs and soon after we realized that we were going to be too small for what we wanted to be. So we built out downstairs with our explorer zone and our kid friendly level. In October we went from about 25 members to about 200 as soon as we built the downstairs. So we knew that there was a need.’ A monthly membership for mother and child is 99-dollars, that includes unlimited fitness for mom, weekly development classes for the child, babysitting and unlimited use of this explorer zone fun space. One stop shopping for moms!’ Nicole: ‘On Mondays I actually do an exercise class while she is in the babysitting. We take a little break and have a snack and then go right into a class for her. So it is nice having everything right here.’ After a workout moms can treat themselves to a nice massage. For members, an hour massage costs 63 dollars and that includes the babysitting. They have tried to keep the prices very reasonable. ‘Very affordable and very easy in the sense that there is no commitment. They can join they can put their membership on freeze, they can upgrade or downgrade and they can cancel if the times are tight and they want to come back later in the future.’ In this depressed economy, Mamas Move has attracted a lot of families looking to consolidate. Elizabeth: ‘We do the mom and child membership and we feel that considering its a gym for me to exercise and a place for him to take the classes, plus the babysitting is included in that. Its all inclusive. And when you break it down, you save money.’ At a time when many businesses are struggling, this one is making expansion plans and currently looking at locations for two additional centers.”

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