Friday, August 28, 2009

Alabama Obesity Task Force To Join Alabama Communities Of Excellence

“The Alabama Obesity Task Force, a volunteer group interested in preventing and reducing obesity in Alabama, was recently provided the opportunity to join the Alabama Communities of Excellence (ACE). Miriam Gaines, the chair of the Obesity Task Force and director of the Alabama Department of Public Health's Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity, says, ‘The task force is honored to join the action of ACE and looks forward to functioning as a resource for community leaders in their efforts to lower the incidence and prevalence of obesity in individual communities.’ ACE, created in 2002, is a comprehensive approach to economic and community development with partners from the private sector, governmental agencies, utility and construction companies, as well as universities and other interested groups, working together to successfully aid Alabama's smaller communities in their efforts to plan, grow and prosper. As quality of life issues such as healthcare and wellness are vital to a community's success, the Alabama Obesity Task Force was invited to partner with ACE.”

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