Monday, August 3, 2009

Yoga Mats In The Dodger Stadium Outfield

“The full blaze of the midday sun shone down on Dodger Stadium, and heat waves danced on the infield dirt. But the Dodgers weren't poised to take the field. In fact, the only Dodger present was Andre Ethier, and he was sprawled on a yoga mat in pigeon pose. All around him, about 100 fans were similarly contorted -- having paid $100 a pop for the privilege. In the brave new world of sports marketing, it's not always enough to sell game tickets or offer high-priced trips to spring training. With ticket sales down and corporate sponsorships shrinking, teams throughout professional sports are trading on the celebrity cachet of players, selling well-heeled fans the opportunity to lunch, fish, cruise or even practice yoga with their idols. It's a growing trend throughout professional sports, as teams look for ways to bring fans -- and their pocketbooks -- to the park, said Jon Greenberg, executive editor of Team Marketing Report, a sports marketing research firm. ‘It's a good way to engage your fans,’ Greenberg said. ‘Fans feel a closer connection with the team when they interact with players.’ Take yoga with Ethier. People from throughout the Los Angeles area came to blend their fascination with the Dodgers with a personal activity they enjoy.,0,6139614.story

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