Friday, August 7, 2009

Connect Your Mind And Body With Group Centergy

“The room is dark except for a few candles lit on an elevated platform where two women are spotlighted. Soft music plays. Everyone in the room is barefoot and standing on cross-shaped mats. It doesn’t look like the typical setup for a group fitness class, but then again, Group Centergy isn’t a typical group fitness class. Jan Crawford, a Group Centergy instructor at Gold’s Gym Elite, said the class draws inspiration from yoga and pilates, but it is ‘driven by choreography.’ ‘We want to appeal to a wider variety of people,’ said Crawford. ‘We give you little bites instead of the whole platter.’ But that doesn’t mean the class is easy. The poses are challenging and are intended to increase flexibility, strength and balance. Crawford said that is the biggest benefit of Group Centergy. ‘It gives people a different perspective of what they can do.’ ‘We can inspire our body to work in different ways,’ added Lindsay Urquhart, another Group Centergy instructor at Gold’s Gym Elite. ‘You can always push further.’ In addition to the physical benefits, Crawford said the class can also have positive effects on stress and longevity. Crawford recommends taking the class 2-3 times per week, though she said you can benefit from just once a week. She added that noticeable results take longer with Group Centergy because ‘flexibility comes in micromillimeters. You’ll feel the strength before flexibility.’ Crawford, who will be 58 this year, hopes that her age will inspire beginners, giving them an “if she can do it, I can do it, too” attitude.”

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