Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Palm Beach Sports Commission Supports PHIT Act

“The Palm Beach County Sports Commission announced that it supports H.R. 2105, the Personal Health Investment Today Act of 2009. According to the commission’s executive director Gerry Baron, the PHIT Act is legislation, pending in Congress, that will ‘allow for reimbursement of physical activity expenses using pre-tax dollars; reducing the costs of physical activity to encourage healthier lifestyles.’ ‘PHIT would allow taxpayers to place up to $1,000 for individuals and $2,000 for families a year in existing pre-tax medical accounts for reimbursement of physical activity expenses,’ Baron said. ‘Lower costs will promote active lifestyles and improve the health of Americans.’ Covered expenses include:
• Youth camp and physical activity fees
• Membership and dues in a health club
• Exercise/fitness classes or instruction (personal trainer)
• Sports league fees (adult and youth)
• Marathon/triathlon registration fees
• Equipment used exclusively for participation in physical exercise/activities The commission encourages South Floridians to send the below action letter to their U.S. representatives and senators. ‘We ask that you forward this information on to your coaches, parents, volunteers, family and friends,’ Baron stated. ‘If you have any questions you may call Sally Johnson, Executive Director, National Council of Youth Sports at (772) 781-1452.’”


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