Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Fitness Event Of The Summer That Raises Awareness On Youth Fitness Is Back And Better Than Ever!

"O2 MAX is proud to present the 2nd Annual TOUR DE FITNESS (TDF) challenge for youth and their families. TDF ’09, scheduled for August 15, 2009, is intended to raise awareness of the importance of fitness, exercise and nutrition by involving participants in an invigorating walk through Santa Monica while making stops to refuel, share tips about healthy eating, and discover fun ways to exercise as they lunge, pushup and squat their way around! As was TDF ‘08, this event is going to be “BIGGER than BIG”, gathering an army of O2 MAX youth clad in matching t-shirts and slathered with sun-block. Professionals, tourists, and families will witness a herd of fit, health-conscious youth on a mission. O2 MAX is excited to partner this year with KooDooZ, a website that takes pride in cultivating the young leaders of tomorrow. With this partnership, TDF ’09 can help spread the awareness of childhood obesity and the importance of fitness and healthy eating habits to prevent obesity in childhood and adult years. TDF ’09 sponsorships include: MacroLife Naturals, Whole Foods, lululemon, Clif Kid, REI, Bossa Nova, Total Golf Adventures, EcoUsable and Corazonas. Up to 100 Southern Californians are invited to join O2 MAX and KooDooZ on August 15th, 2009 to raise awareness for childhood obesity. Join us, Register now!"

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