Friday, August 7, 2009

Health Club Use Shouldn't Be Taxed

With the controversy over the reformation of the health care industry raging on a national level, it might be well advised for the federal government to look at the innovative way we are dealing with this issue in New Jersey. Virtually any doctor will tell you, in the absence of administering a life-saving drug or procedure, the most valuable prescription available is plenty of exercise and proper nutrition. In this state we have a unique way of approaching this intervention. A membership in a reputable fitness center is the perfect solution to a myriad of ills, assuming it is used properly. Not only does the center provide a plethora of exercise equipment to enhance cardiac health, flexibility, and muscular development, there are other possibilities. Most centers offer classes on smoking cessation, proper nutrition, controlling obesity or stress, and opportunities to obtain new life enhancing skills such as Tai-Chi, Pilates or Yoga. All of these things, with no doubt whatsoever, contribute to better health and fewer medical bills. So what do we do in New Jersey? We tax memberships in a health club. What a splendid idea. Instead of letting people try to stay healthy and maybe giving them tax breaks to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we tax them and make them pay more money. Absolutely brilliant.”

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