Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A New Gym Model Beefs Up In Richmond

“The weight room is going back in time. Last year we wrote about a gym concept that’s not much more advanced than what the Greeks must have used. CrossFit members work out with medicine balls and ropes. They do pushups and pullups, squats and lift barbells. But the back-to-basics approach seems to have some serious appeal, and Richmonders are paying a premium — at least twice as much as a Gold’s or YMCA monthly membership. ‘This encompasses the most effective things I learned from over a decade training athletes,’ said Jason Struck, who used to be a trainer at Gold’s Gym and now operates CrossFit Full Circle from a garage in Richmond’s Northside. The gym has 12 members, and Struck hopes to get that to 30 or 40 and move out of the garage and into a dedicated facility. But even with only 12 members, the business is almost breaking even. ‘It doesn’t waste time with things that don’t get results. Most people are interested in fat loss. They want to look better and get stronger,’ Struck said. Struck has at least two other CrossFit comrades across town...."

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