Friday, April 16, 2010

Annual Quality and Disparities Reports Include Data on Rates of Health Care-Associated Infections, Obesity and Health Insurance

"The 2009 reports include a new section on lifestyle modifications, because preventing or reducing obesity is a crucial goal for many Americans and an important task for health care providers.

The reports found:

· One-third of obese adults have never received advice from their doctor about exercise.

· Obese adults who are black, Hispanic, poor or have less than a high school education are less likely to receive diet advice from their doctor.

· Most overweight children and one-third of obese adults report that they have not been told by their doctor that they are overweight.

· Most American children have never received counseling from their health care provider about exercise, and almost half have never received counseling about healthy eating.

The reports indicate that the lack of health insurance slows improvement in health care quality and reduction of disparities. For many services, not having insurance is the single strongest predictor of poor quality care, exceeding the effects of race, ethnicity, income or education. Americans with no insurance are much less likely than those with private insurance to obtain recommended care, especially preventive services and management for diabetes. While differences between blacks and whites in the rates of lack of insurance have narrowed in the past decade, disparities related to ethnicity, income and education remain large."

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