Monday, April 6, 2009

Exercise Tops Economic Woes For Many

“Gym memberships are up, even though the economy may not be. Two local health clubs, have seen this trend reshape the way people exercise in the economy today. ‘There are always people coming and going,’ said Eric L’Orange, co-owner of Windsor Health Club, 655 Academy Court. ‘Any club has that, but we’re doing pretty good considering things.’ Windsor Health Club has over 1,000 members and counting. And, with Curves, 1297 Main Street, now closed, the number of gym memberships at Windsor Health Club has risen. ‘Yeah, we’ve seen some people come over,’ L’Orange said. ‘We’re just trying to be there to help with the transition.’ And, help they do. New members are allotted one training session with a trainer after purchasing a gym membership. ‘There are lots of tools out there for people to use,’ L’Orange said. ‘So, we help them with what they need to know at that time.’ With new memberships on the rise, stress levels are plummeting as a result. ‘Exercise is definitely the number one stress reliever,’ L’Orange said. ‘It makes you feel and sleep better.’ Stacey Kapaska, a manager with Anytime Fitness, 1159 Main Street, agreed. ‘This (exercise) is a great stress relief, economy wise,’ she said. Anytime Fitness has 1,300 members from the Windsor-Severance areas. ‘The trainers are busier than ever,’ Kapaska said, ‘which is fantastic. We’ve also found people cutting corners to take care of their health, like not going out to eat as much.’ Danna Morey, a two-year member of Anytime Fitness, considered cutting corners in other areas of her life to maintain her health. ‘Sorry, you (her kids) don’t need new shoes,’ Morey said with a laugh. ‘We’ll just cut back someplace else.’ But, cutting back on health and exercise is not an option for most. Just ask Sylvester Mabry, a five-year member of Anytime Fitness. ‘Even if they up the price, I’ll still work out,’ he said. ’Working out is a lifestyle, it’s like brushing your teeth. I began working out at 13 for football and now I’m just trying to stay in shape.’ Nick Monteleone, a long time member of Windsor Health Club, agreed. ‘I look at it as part of my health plan for myself,’ he said. ‘To stay healthy physically, you have to be healthy mentally and spiritually, too.’ For Jill Althoff, a six-year member of Windsor Health Club and who is also five months pregnant, staying in shape was a commitment she wanted to keep during her pregnancy. ‘I’ve had to lighten my work outs and I run slower,’ she said. ‘But, I made a commitment to start out at a better weight for this pregnancy. What’s more important than your health?’ Even with an unstable economy, one thing still remains grounded: working out is quickly becoming a stress buster. ‘Hopefully, people are taking care of themselves,’ Kapaska said. ‘That’s what we like to see.’”

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Jennifer said...

This is good to hear. We are seeing the same thing in Sports Nutrition...sales continue to grow. People are trying to find those things over which they can have some control during these somewhat crazy times, and health and fitness seem to be high on that list. industry is growing and our same store sales have been up 46 months in a row.