Friday, May 9, 2008

$100K Hopes To Trim Obesity Problem In D.C.

“The District has the highest rate of overweight kids in the country, but there's hope a new school year will bring healthier food choices to cafeterias. As part of the Healthy Communities Program, General Mills is giving $25,000 to four area schools and organizations that work with young people. The program hopes to improve nutrition and encourage fitness. Twenty-three percent of 10 to 18 year olds are overweight in the District, and D.C. Mayor Adrian says making healthier choices available is a good place to start. ‘The young people of the District of Columbia deserve every opportunity to live fruitful and healthy lives.’ “Choosing Healthy and Rewarding Meals" at Eastern High School is one of the programs that will receive the $25,000 grant from General Mills. Fenty hopes the D.C. Ciity Council will vote in June to make changes in the companies that supply food to public schools.”

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