Monday, May 12, 2008

In The Fitness Industry: Fight the Good Fight

“It seems everywhere we turn, there is a new study out on the importance of regular exercise and how it can lessen existing conditions or prevent future problems. In recent postings on IHRSA’s website, the headlines speak for themselves, ‘Exercise May Reduce Premature Birth,’ ‘20 Minutes of Brisk Activity Reduces Depression,’ ‘Aerobic Exercise Keeps Us Young,’ ‘A Month of Exercise Helps Ease Heart Failure,’ just to name a few. IHRSA, along with many health and fitness professionals will be meeting May 21 and 22 in Washington DC for the 6th Annual IHRSA Legislative summit. The main focus of the summit will be giving support for The Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Bill. This bill helps people pay for fitness programs and exercise equipment by using pre-tax health investment accounts such as health savings accounts and medical savings accounts. IHRSA describes this as ‘a positive step towards covering the costs of preventative measures.’ The second point of focus will be The Workforce Health Improvement Program (WHIP) Act. This act allows an easy route for employers to deduct the cost of health club memberships for their employees without involvement of the IRS. This will help employees of all companies, no matter how large or small, lead healthier lifestyles. Clearly, the importance of incorporating exercise into one’s lifestyle cannot and should not be ignored. It is our job as fitness professionals; to offer solutions for a healthier lifestyle to all those who wish to attain optimal health. Get the word out to the community, spread knowledge of the benefits of exercise to all and help inspire others to adopt a healthier lifestyle.”

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