Monday, May 12, 2008

Exercise Helps Grandparents Keep Up With Little Ones

“As Americans live longer and stay healthier into their 60s and beyond, grandparents are under more pressure to keep up with the new kids in their lives. The oldest members of the baby boom generation are moving into their 60s, and many are grandparents themselves; others rely on their own aging parents to help with child care. Injuries are common but often preventable. Maintaining a high level of fitness helps, said Dr. Robert Schoene, a professor at the University of California-San Diego's School of Medicine who has studied the effects of aging on exercise — and has regularly seen injured grandparents. ‘People feel that once they get to a certain age they can't train any more,’ Schoene said. ‘But barring disease, people at almost any age should be able to do aerobic and strength training.’,5143,700224534,00.html

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